3 Reasons to get excited about Salesforce


Today’s Salesforce event in DC got me thinking a little bit about the reasons why people should be interested in Salesforce. Whether they’re public sector or private sector there are a lot of reasons why people are moving to the cloud. I know that I am certainly not at the front of the hype cycle with regard to moving things to the cloud but I think there are 3 really basic reasons that people should be interested and excited about using Salesforce for their organizations.

  1. Save money-The scale that Salesforce purchases equipment on and everything that they’re doing enables them to have massive economies of scale and pass those savings on to customers.  There’s just no way that most organizations can achieve the kind of buying power that Salesforce has with their vendors.
  2. Time to value -One of the amazing things about Salesforce is it’s hardware infrastructure, the application infrastructure, the security model and all the things that they’ve put in place that enable you to focus on just writing the code that you need to do the piece that you need.  It’s a little different from the standard collaborations tools, document management, workflows. All these pieces that come standard in Salesforce allow you to quickly knit together capabilities that allows you to drive value for your organization really quickly.
  3.  Path to value-One of the things that’s amazing about the Salesforce community is their momentum.  When you look at platforms like Apple and you see how many apps are out there, there’s literally an app for everything.  Well Salesforce is sort of the enterprise version of that and they’re getting to a point where they have an app for everything as well with more than 100,00 apps available and they have more than 70% of the Fortune 500 engaged. There’s so much that’s being done on top of the platform that you can acquire it to meet a particular need that you have right now, but understand that that acquisition is probably going to enable you to do other things over time. So you’re able to come in, transform the organization a little bit, then you can incrementally continue to change on the basis of being able to add functionality. You can do this either by acquiring additional applications that sit on top of the Salesforce platform or customize the platform itself to meet your requirements.

So it’s a really cool way for organizations to manage transformation across a broad area of capability. Again those are just three basic reasons to be excited about Salesforce for your organization. I know I’m excited to go to the event today and I’ll probably post some type of wrap up in the next few days.  Hope to see some of you there!

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