Webinar of the Week Recap: Operating Models

As I mentioned in my last Webinar Recap, at my company, Millsapps, Ballinger & Associates we consider continuing education and training to be a non-negotiable necessity, both within our company, and as a service to our clients. So our training division; MB&A Academy, was born. One of my favorite offering through MB&A Academy is our free Webinar of the Week. Every week we feature industry leaders and experts giving a peek into the full length courses we offer to leading government officials and corporate executives.  I gave our last Webinar in 2012 on a topic I consider to be essential to success in any organization. Defining and communicating your Operating Model. While we specifically offer these Webinar over the lunch hour on a Friday to make it easier for our audience of busy executives to attend, I know it’s not always possible to pull yourself away from work for an hour a week. So I’ve decided to make the Webinar Recaps a regular thing on my blog. While you won’t get all the benefits of attending live, you can get an idea of what you missed. And as always, if these discussions spark a question in your mind feel free to contact me.

For companies to succeed, they must understand their operating model: in other words, the degree to which they must standardize business processes and/or integrate data to produce optimized business outcomes. I feature real world examples from both the public and private sector of how to understand your operating model, allowing business and technology to support each other in meeting the mission and vision of the company by embracing a shared vision for how they should operate the company. In my Webinar, I spoke about the four basic Operating Models, as designated by Ross, Weill, and Robertson in their excellent book, Enterprise Architecture as Strategy (If you’ve not read it I recommend picking it up).   These are the Diversification model, the Coordination model, the Replication model and the Unification model. To hear a bit more about these models, check out the clip from my Webinar below.

We finished off 2012 with an overview of choosing your Operating Model, for our first Webinar of 2013, MB&A Academy guest Instructor Bob Daniel’s course Here Comes the Next Big Thing: Adopting new technologies is inevitable. Doing so successfully isn’t.  He will discuss the motivations driving the adoption of new technologies, the factors that disrupt adoption, and what you really need to do to be successful.  You’ll leave with a framework and set of tools you can use to build success into your technology adoption programs. The Webinar will be January 11that 12:00 pm EST. To register, click here.

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